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Salary Hero is a mission-driven financial wellness company that believes in financial inclusion and access to fairly priced financial products for ALL people. Through our flagship Earned Wage Access (EWA) product, we provide workers with flexible access to their salaries on demand, helping them absorb unforeseen expenses that occur between paychecks.

We pay it forward, which benefits you and your employees.

We integrate directly with employers to provide this financial safety net, in addition to a suite of other products including financial education and budgeting (which have gone live), savings accounts, and remittances (which are in the pipeline).

Employers see tangible cost savings by implementing Salary Hero, driven by lower staff turnover, faster recruiting, and a happier and more productive workforce – at no cost to the company.

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Awards & Certifications

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Our Past Experience

Our founding team has extensive experience in banking, consulting, technology-driven startups, fintech, and HR. They’ve worked at world-class companies across the US, Europe, and South-East Asia, with a strong focus on Thailand.


We’re backed by leading global and local investors who are helping us transform the entire employment ecosystem for the better.