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Salary Hero gives you access to financial support, including your earned wages before payday – so that you can save, survive and thrive!

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Why do Employees Love Salary Hero?



Easy, interest-free, collateral-free salary advances from your own employer.



Guaranteed liquidity with automatic approval, regardless of credit score.



Financial independence and pride in accessing your own hard-earned money!


Employee, Manufacturing Co

“Salary Hero has greatly reduced my stress. I don’t worry anymore about unforeseen expenses, I sleep better at night and I’m more at ease at work and with my family.”


Employee, Manufacturing Co


Employee, Manufacturing Co

“I love the feature that allows me to see real-time wages earned. This helps me plan my monthly spending & uplifts my work motivation. This is much better than bank loans or loan sharks.”


Employee, Manufacturing Co


Employee, Manufacturing Co

“In some months when I would run out of money, I’d have to pawn my assets to pay the bills. Salary Hero is a much better option as it has no interest, is cheaper and more convenient.”


Employee, Manufacturing Co

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Salary Hero providing a loan?

No. Salary Hero is not providing a loan and not a credit solution. There is no underwriting, no hidden fees, no debt created and no interest charged.

When will employees receive the transfer?

Withdrawal amount will be transferred to employees’ salary account within 24 hours. If it takes longer than 24 hours, please kindly contact Salary Hero for further investigation.

How can employees access the application?

Employees can download application from Google Play or App Store. Then, login to application by using their registered mobile number and enter 4 digit PIN for login verification.

How much is the fee per transaction?

75 baht or 35 baht or depending on company’s agreement with Salary Hero.

What if employees want to change or update any personal data? (phone number, bank account number, etc.)

Inform updated information with your company’s HR. Data will be updated once the company send the updated file to Salary Hero.

Why employees cannot login to the application?

Please contact LINE: @salaryhero for further investigation. But if your phone number is not correct, please try contact your HR to update your phone number. Once the company send the updated data to Salary Hero, you will be able to login with your new phone number.

How many requests employees can make per pay cycle?

Depending on company’s agreement with Salary Hero. For further information please contact LINE: @salaryhero

Why can’t employees make a withdrawal request after cut-off date?

Because your company and Salary Hero need to consolidate the month’s advances to process the company’s payroll. However, employees will be able to access Earned Wage Access again once the new pay cycle begins.

How can employees pay Salary Hero back?

Employees don’t need to directly pay back to Salary Hero. However, the company will automatically deducted the amount you advance from your salary at the end of pay cycle.

Can employees increase or request for more available balance?

Employees available balances are depending on your salary after all deductions, and will be calculated depending on company’s conditions. In case you have further inquiries regarding your salary, please contact HR of your company.

What if employees didn’t pass education modules quizzes?

Employees always be able to re-learn the education modules and also re-take the education quizzes as many times as they want.

What is the budgeting tool?

It is a new feature for employees to start doing the budgeting or managing their own financial plans by easily tracking their expenses on our application.

How do employees get in touch with Salary Hero for further information or inquiries?

Please contact Salary Hero support via our LINE Official Account: @salaryhero

Can employees make a request on weekends and holidays?

Employees can make a request everyday, including weekend and holidays.

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